Interesting Topics March 31, 2023

No Showers

APRIL Newsletter

The first full month of Spring is usually complete with beautiful weather and fresh blooms. This makes it a great month for enjoying outside events, rooftop bars/restaurants and more. Plus, if there is a rain shower, do some spring cleaning.

Of course, Spring also brings an abundance of activity to the Real Estate market. It’s a great time to sell because there are typically more buyers searching, and it’s a great time to buy because there is typically more inventory to choose from. Either way, please reach out to me with any questions, whether you are looking short-term or long-term.

Savannah Music Festival

Continued…it didn’t end in March!


“The Savannah Music Festival (SMF) is dedicated to presenting world-class celebrations of the musical arts by creating timeless and adventurous productions that stimulate arts education, foster economic growth and unite artists and audiences in Savannah.”


> View the Festival Lineup

Don’t just clean, declutter!

Removing unused items from your home not only frees up storage space and improves visual appeal, donating the items helps others and allows them to be reused. Not to mention there will be less to clean and dust!

You can get started by checking with local non-profits such as Goodwill, but if you need additional help, reach out to a professional.

Professional Organizing in Savannah – Organizing by Cheryl

Rooftops, rooftops, rooftops!

A recent article picked their 12 favorite rooftop bars/restaurants in Savannah. For me, I find it amazing that there are 12 favorites, meaning there are even more to choose from. We are so fortunate to live in a climate that affords year-round outdoor dining, and the city has really begun to capitalize on this in recent years.

From casual, to upscale. Just drinks, small bites, or full meals. And those views! One of U.S. News “50 Top Rooftop Bars in World” is located right here in Savannah, Georgia.

Made of Savannah

“We’re pleased to announce the inaugural season of “Made of Savannah”, a podcast that captures the authentic charm and unique character of our Hostess City. We’ll be exploring everything that makes Savannah special. We’ll feature interviews with everyone from tour guides, restaurateurs, local business owners to marketing and hospitality professionals. And most importantly we’re pulling the curtain back so you can get to know everything and everyone that is truly Made of Savannah.”

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