Interesting Topics July 6, 2023


Vacations, backyard cookouts, and people searching for any form of water to jump in.

Yep, it’s JULY!


The 4th of July

Of course, the 4th is the big event in July. There are so many ways to enjoy this holiday. Just don’t forget to make it a safe one!

Fireworks safety tips

Don’t forget about the dogs


IT’S HOT, so grab your favorite cool beverage, even if it is more of a dessert.

17 Malts, Shakes, Floats, and Sundaes to Turn Your Kitchen Into a Soda Shop This Summer



Whether on a boat, beach, or just relaxing in the backyard, one of these recipes is sure to make the day even better!

79 Summer Side Dishes That Just Might Upstage the Rest of the Meal


If you are ready to live at or near the beach, I’ve got you covered!

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