Interesting Topics July 30, 2022

Why Savannah?

That is the question I heard over-and-over when I decided to move here. Most of the people asking had never been to Savannah, or at least not in recent years. They thought of it as a quaint southern town that you visit for a weekend to walk the squares, enjoy the food, and of course, visit a few clubs. Although we do have beautiful parks and squares, a huge selection of restaurants, and yes, lively nightlife, that’s less than 10% of what Savannah has to offer.

They were also unaware of our unique location. They had no idea how easy it is to visit large cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, or Jacksonville by car, or how many flights our award-winning airport offers. Even the mountains of Asheville are only a little over 4 hours by car. Of course, best of all, you can be at the beach in minutes, or choose from a large variety of islands and towns within a 1-2 hour drive.

My favorite part of the question though is how they answer the question themselves once they visit. Without fail, the answer is “now I see why you moved here”, “its stunning”, and/or “we may join you here”.

Enjoy the video below for a small preview of what Savannah has to offer. Also, learn more at Visit Savannah | The Official Guide to Savannah, GA