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Thankful For

Thankful for…
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…my dog and best pal.
This is the first full year I’ve spent with my eight-year-old “pup”, Holly. She is the most laid-back dog you will ever meet, and she loves every person she meets. It’s so nice to be greeted by her when I come home and it’s great to go on adventures with her. As I type this, she is stalking a cat that is toying with her on the fence 🙂
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…living near the beach.
I’ve always wanted to live near the beach, but not necessarily in a beach town. I’m thankful to have found Savannah, which allows me to be at a beach in less than 30 minutes, but has its own very distinct personality.
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…this beautiful city.
Savannah will charm you from the beginning, and keep on charming you each day. It’s beautiful, unique, and vibrant, but also relaxing and simple to enjoy.
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…new and old friends.
I’ve been fortunate to have met many new friends in the past year, and I’ve enjoyed going to events with them, or just having dinner and drinks. This unique community is so open and welcoming. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to make so many new friends so quickly anywhere else.
It’s also great to welcome my old friends to Savannah and show them around the town and the surrounding areas. They keep coming back, and I’m glad they do!
…my new career.
Well, this is kind of a big one. This year I officially changed careers and left the corporate finance world behind (still love you Coca-Cola).
I’ve always pondered the idea of becoming a realtor, and now it’s a reality. Being able to help people with some of the largest and financially impactful decisions of their lives is an exciting and rewarding opportunity, and one I take seriously. There aren’t many professions that have such an extreme combination of emotional and financial effects. I love it!
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…a strong, giving community.
This last year I joined the Savannah Tree Foundation, Historic Savannah Foundation, my neighborhood association board, the Lions Club of Savannah, America’s Second Harvest, the United Way, multiple business networks, and continued my volunteering at Coastal Pet Rescue. Yes, it always feels great to give back to your community, but I’m thankful for how easy and rewarding it is to be involved in this community.
…the opportunity to try new things.
It’s easy to get caught up in routines, so I’m thankful for having so many options to break those routines, such as taking an art class. Here we have a diverse community that enjoys sharing their different talents and helping others experience their passions. I think glass blowing is next for me.
…so much!
It’s been a big year of change, and I’m grateful for it! I’ve never taken the time to write-out what I’m thankful for, but I think it will be a new annual tradition. If you have never written down what you are thankful for, give it a try, and share it with me.
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